Penetration Testing Services

Early Identification of System and Application Vulnerabilities in Business

Vulnerability Identification

Identifying vulnerabilities or security gaps within its system and technology infrastructure and taking necessary actions to address them.

Prevent Cyberattacks

Penetration Testing helps prevent potential attacks from attackers. Regular system and network testing help organizations identify and address vulnerabilities more quickly.

Regulatory Compliance

Penetration Testing helps ensure that your business's systems and networks comply with the security standards set by regulatory bodies.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing, or commonly referred to as pentest, is a process in which applications, computer systems, and networks are tested to identify security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by unauthorized parties. The aim of Penetration Testing is to evaluate the security capabilities of a system by conducting simulated attacks. In this testing, a penetration tester will attempt to access sensitive data, gain unauthorized access, and identify existing system vulnerabilities.


Information Gathering

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Configuration and Deploy Management Testing

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Identity Management Testing

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Autentication Testing

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Authorization Testing

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Session Management Testing

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Input Validation

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Error Handling

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Business Logic Testing

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Client Side Testing

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Metode Penetration Testing

Black Box Methods

The position of a Penetration Tester as a hacker. A Penetration Tester is not provided with any information about the system to be tested, including its infrastructure or source code. This is often referred to as a “black box” approach to testing. The Penetration Tester starts by gathering all necessary information from scratch, then conducts analysis and determines the type of attack to be performed.

Grey Box Methods

The position of a Penetration Tester acting as a user. The Penetration Tester has access and information limited to that of a regular user. Security assessment is more efficient than black box testing. Testers can conduct more focused testing to exploit vulnerabilities with a higher level of risk.

Testable Platforms

Web Apps

Desktop Apps

Android Apps

iOS Apps


Network & Server

Comprehensive and Detailed Reports

Reliable reporting with information on the high-level as well as detailed outlines of all identified risks. Plus, there are remediation guides that can be followed and strategic security recommendations for the future.

The Framework Used

Certification of Fourtrezz's Cyber Security Team


Certified Ethical Hacker

Offensive Security

Offensive Security Certified Professional

eLearn Security

Junior Penetration Tester


Certified Ethical Hacker Master

Offensive Security

Offensive Security Wireless Attack Certification

eLearn Security

Web Application Penetration Tester Extreme v2

Pentester Academy

Certified Red Team Professional

Certified Secure

Security Specialist

The SecOps Group

Certified AppSec Practitioner


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